Why Handmade Is Best

What is it that makes handmade candles so special? Think of it this way. When you want cookies, would you rather have homemade cookies, or the store bought kind? If you’ve eaten cookies that are anything like the ones my grandma used to make from scratch, the quality of store bought doesn't even compare. The cookies sold in stores are convenient, but personally, I don’t get the same flavor and enjoyment out of them like I do when I eat one that someone baked with love and care.

Candles are like that, too. The store bought kind are okay, but handmade candles are superior. Mine smell stronger, last longer, and have better ingredients than the mass produced candles. I have years of experience making and testing them to confidently say that mine are of the highest quality. I take pride in my candles and do not accept anything less than the best.

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