Cleaning & Repurposing Candle Jars

Cleaning Instructions:
  • Remove the remaining wax by setting the jar in a pot of boiling water. Let the wax melt completely.
    • DO NOT MICROWAVE because the wick holder is made of metal.
  • Caution: Use an oven mitt and/or tongs to carefully remove the jar. Please do not burn yourself.
  • Pour the leftover wax into the trash. Scrape out the wick holder.
    • Do not pour melted wax down the sinkWhen the wax solidifies, it can damage your sink/pipes. That's expensive.
  • Wash out the jar with dish soap and let it dry completely.

Ideas for repurposing your jar:

  • Craft/office supply storage (pens, scissors, stationary...)
  • Bathroom vanity jar (cotton balls, Q-tips...)
  • Makeup storage (brushes, samples, mini perfumes...)
  • Planter for succulents and air plants
  • Vase for flowers
  • Treat jar for wrapped candy