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Let that Shit Go (Eucalyptus) | Matte Black 7.5 oz glass

Let that Shit Go (Eucalyptus) | Matte Black 7.5 oz glass

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Let that Shit Go (Eucalyptus) is a blend of cool menthol and refreshing eucalyptus leaves, hand crafted to bring serenity to your space. Whether you're seeking a moment of quiet reflection, preparing for a yoga session, or simply enhancing your home with an aura of tranquility, Let that Shit Go is your perfect companion. Let its refreshing fragrance transport you to a state of inner peace and balance, making every moment a serene sanctuary. It features the following fragrance notes:

  • Top: Menthol
  • Middle: Eucalyptus Leaves
  • Bottom: Floral

Made with 100% soy wax, the highest quality fragrance oils, and cotton braided wicks that are free of zinc and lead. Hand poured into a beautiful matte black, geometric glass jar with a wooden lid. 

Follow all of the candle care and safety instructions to ensure the best performance of your candle.

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